Scooter Recycling (SRN)

Scooter Recycling Nederland (SRN) is the recycling system in the Netherlands for scooters and mopeds.

There are more than one million scooters and mopeds on Dutch roads. This total increases by around 90,000 each year. SRN ensures that these vehicles are recycled in an environmentally-friendly way. Moreover, SRN offers a nationwide network of recognised places for receipt of scrapped mopeds and scooters and dismantling companies. This makes it easier for consumers to dispose of these vehicles responsibly.

SRN is a collaboration between RAI Vereniging, Bovag and ARN, and was set up in 2011.

Do you run a business that collects or dismantles scrapped mopeds and scooters and would you like to join SRN? Visit
Would you like to scrap a scooter yourself? Here is a list of places in your vicinity where you can scrap your scooter.

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ARN Recycling

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