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Recycling batteries

Together with the whole recycling chain, we are working towards the circular economy. We are already realising the sustainable and gainful reuse of 70 per cent of car batteries, by weight.

Registering a battery

Register a new EV-battery in the ARN/Stibat system.

Submit a EV-battery

Submit an end-of-life EV-battery or module for recycling.

Drop off a starter battery

Find the starter-battery collection point nearest to you.

Battery-recycling results

Our realised recycling performance is well above the legally mandated recycling percentages, by weight, for EV-batteries. Nearly all car importers in the Netherlands participate in the ARN Management Plan, a collective harvesting and processing scheme for batteries.

Legislation and regulations

Environmental legislation and regulations pertaining to batteries are strict. What should you pay particular attention to, for example? What about storage and transport? And which regulations must you be familiar with? All essential information neatly arranged.

Management fee

Car importers that participate in the ARN Management Plan pay a management fee for the collection and processing of batteries. And the good news is that in 2022 this management fee has been reduced. For an overview of the relevant rates, click here.

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Participating car brands

By participating in the ARN Management Plan, car importers can essentially outsource the collection and processing of disposed-of batteries. For a list of all participating car brands, click here. It is also handy for affiliated car-dismantling companies to know which car brands participate in the Plan.


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