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The assignment

ARN assumes manufacturers’ responsibilities for end-of-life vehicles and car batteries removed from vehicles.

Vision and mission

ARN looks to the future. And to help us do so, we have developed a number of scenarios, in which the development of a possible circular car stands out. It all revolves around the collaboration with our partners. Read more about ARN’s vision for the future.

The role of ARN

In concert with approximately 300 chain partners, ARN is putting car recycling on the map in the Netherlands. ARN brings together parties in the chain, underscores effective coordination and advises entrepreneurs. Read all about the role played by ARN in the Netherlands’ national recycling network.

Organisation and stakeholders

Four organisations were at the cradle of ARN’s inception and they are still the driving force behind us. Read about the ARN organisation here.

More than 30 years of development and refinement

2023 Sustainability Report

At ARN we look ahead, towards a society in which usable raw materials are recycled and reused at a high level of quality and for acceptable costs. Soon, it will no longer be a given that we will need brand new raw materials. In this way, ARN contributes to a circular economy.

Existing and new regulations are setting the framework for all this and everything that we do is directly related.


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