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Safe and responsible collection

If you have signed up to the ARN Management Plan, you will have to pay a management fee to ARN. For participating importers, this Plan facilitates the safe and responsible collection and recycling of batteries.

Generally speaking, a dealership will charge the fee separately when selling an electric car.

In accordance with applicable legislation and regulations, the fee for starter batteries serves as an administrative contribution.

Tariffs for 2024

In 2022, the management fees for lithium-ion batteries have again been reduced. The reduction is approximately 50 per cent, depending on the weight of the battery. Longer battery life is one of the reasons behind the reduction. The tariffs for 2023 are presented on this page.

Management fees for lithium-ion drive batteries and starter batteries (including VAT) in 2023

  • €3 per battery for a weight ≤ 5kg

  • €5 per battery for a weight > 5kg and ≤ 15kg (new 48V category)

  • €8 per battery for a weight > 15kg and ≤ 25kg

  • €25 per battery for a weight > 25kg and ≤ 100kg

  • €45 per battery for a weight > 100kg and ≤ 350kg

  • €55 per battery for a weight > 350kg and ≤ 600kg

  • €65 per battery for a weight > 600kg and ≤ 900kg

Management fees for lead-acid and NiMH starter batteries and drive batteries (excluding VAT)

  • €0.05 per battery


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