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The collection of end-of-life vehicles and drive batteries

ARN coordinates the collection of end-of-life vehicles and drive batteries, so that affiliated car-dismantling companies can dismantle and recycle them to derive maximum value. ARN also arranges the transport of parts and materials to shredder and recycling companies.

Drop off an end-of-life vehicle?

If you want to drop off an end-of-life vehicle, go to Drop off a car to find an authorised treatment facility near you. Or check out the motorists page.

To maintain a good overview, parts and waste materials removed from dismantled cars are registered. To facilitate this, ARN has set up a special ICT system, which records clear details about which end-of-life vehicles have been dismantled and where their parts and materials can be found.

Transport to processing companies

ARN makes collective agreements with carriers about transport between the partners in the chain. These agreements pertain to the transport flows from dismantling to shredder companies and from shredder companies to the PST (Post-Shredder Technology) factory for further separation, and to specialised recycling companies. The transport is arranged in containers, either by truck or by barge. Fluids are transported by GS-Recycling tankers, which are configured with several separate compartments.

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Collection of batteries

ARN collects and processes lithium-ion drive batteries and starter batteries that have a negative residual value. They are dismantled by specially trained personnel at the car-dismantling companies and dealerships. The carrier engaged by ARN to transport the batteries to processing companies has invested in special battery boxes. These boxes protect the batteries and underpin safe and responsible transport. For more information see Batteries.


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