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The car-recycling chain

The recycling chain comprises several links. The first of these is to register an end-of-life vehicle for disposal. ARN has a network of affiliated car-dismantling companies spread across the Netherlands. These companies remove waste streams from the car in an environmentally friendly way before it is recycled. After being professional dismantled, many parts of an end-of-life vehicle, such as the starter motor, gearbox or headlights, can be used again and they are often given a new lease of life. The remaining parts are sent to shredder and recycling companies for further processing. For the processing of waste materials, such as oil or plastics, ARN collaborates with partners who are appropriately equipped and qualified to do so. And to relieve the relevant companies of the responsibility, ARN arranges the transport of waste streams centrally.

The collection and disposal of batteries

As the number of electric cars on our roads increases, so too does the number of their drive batteries being disposed of. In compliance with the applicable stringent environmental regulations, ARN arranges the collection and transport of these batteries. Some ARN partners make disposed-of drive batteries suitable for a second life, while other lithium-ion batteries are sent to specialised recycling companies.

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Legislation and regulations

The dismantling, transport and recycling of cars and batteries increasingly have to comply with rigorous environmental regulations. ARN keeps an eye on upcoming new legislation and regulations, provides the appropriate information and arranges the necessary training, so that every company can meet the applicable standards. In the Netherlands, European regulations have been translated into what is known as the Besluit beheer autowrakken (Bba, end-of-life vehicles management decree) and the Besluit beheer batterijen en accu’s (Bbb, battery-management decree), both of which include requirements for recycling. On behalf of car manufacturers and their representatives in the RAI Vereniging, ARN reports to the government on annual recycling performance.


Research and innovation

The introduction of electric vehicles, digitalisation and the use of new materials are rapidly changing the complexion of the automotive sector and therefore necessitating new recycling techniques. Outside the car-recycling chain, ARN is collaborating with universities and research institutes to develop new applications in the area of materials recycling.


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