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Reuse, recycling and useful applications

Some parts of an end-of-life vehicle, such as gearboxes or headlights, are suitable for reuse. Various links in the recycling chain process materials that are recovered from end-of-life vehicles into reusable basic materials, such as metals, fibres and plastics. The vast majority of end-of-life vehicles can be reused or recycled. In 2023 that amounted, all told, to 88.1 per cent of the total weight of all end-of-life vehicles.

A second category comprises materials that cannot be reused, but can be put to another good use. An example of this is energy recovery through combustion. In 2023, this came to a total of 10.6 per cent of the total weight of all end-of-life vehicles.


More than 30 years of development and refinement


At ARN we look ahead, towards a society in which usable raw materials are recycled and reused at a high level of quality and for acceptable costs. In this way, ARN contributes to a circular economy.

Existing and new regulations are setting the framework for all this and everything that we do is directly related.


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