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RDW Amsterdam Cees Achterberg en Ruben Gelok

The recycling fee is a one-off amount that is added to the purchase price of a new passenger car or light commercial vehicle. From 1 January 2023, this fee has been set at €22,50 (including VAT). The money that is collected goes towards responsible and high-value car recycling.

The recycling fee is payable on all cars that are registered in the Netherlands. In addition to new cars, this now includes all cars that are imported from outside the Netherlands and then registered in the Netherlands for the first time.


What happens to the recycling fees?

The recycling fees enable ARN, along with its more-than 300 partners in the recycling chain, to recycle end-of-life vehicles to a high standard. Thanks to the efforts of car-dismantling companies, shredder companies and recycling companies, a recycling performance of more than 98 per cent has been realised in recent years.


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