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Legislation and regulations for car recycling


End-of-life vehicles management decree (Bba)

The “Besluit beheer autowrakken” (Bba, end-of-life vehicles management decree) constitutes the Dutch government’s interpretation and implementation of European guidelines for the environmentally responsible processing of end-of-life vehicles. A key provision in it is that at least 95 per cent of an end-of-life vehicle must be gainfully reused. That percentage is broken down into two components. At least 85 per cent must be reused or recycled as materials, while a good use must be found for the other 10 per cent, such as energy recovery through combustion, for example.

The Bba imposes stringent requirements on:

  • the delivery, collection and processing of end-of-life vehicles and the associated financing
  • precluding the use of hazardous substances in new vehicles
  • material-designation coding
  • annual reporting

The full regulations can be found on the government website: Besluit beheer autowrakken.

HKS Amsterdam Rob van der Linden ARN

The LAP3 national waste-management plan

The LAP3 national waste management plan stipulates how a variety of waste materials must be dealt with in the Netherlands, including the minimum standards that apply to processing, for example.

European legislation

European directive 2000/53/EC lays down EU regulations for the processing of motorised end-of-life vehicles.


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