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Monitoring and quality assurance of the recycling process

ARN recognises the importance of quality assurance and of monitoring the recycling processes and their respective links. These links include car dismantling, processing end-of-life vehicles at the shredding company, the further separation of materials in the PST factory and the recovery of materials by specialised recycling companies.

We continuously ask questions of ourselves. Are there links in which the recycling process can be made more efficient, for example? How can the separation of different substances be further improved? Are the recycled materials of a good-enough quality to be widely used? Together with our chain partners, ARN specialists are constantly looking for ways to make car recycling even better.

In 2001, in collaboration with Stiba, which is the trade association for the vehicle-dismantling sector, ARN took the initiative to develop a single standard that stipulated the requirements for car-dismantling, occupational-health legislation, material recycling and quality. This has since become the KZD standard, whereby KZD is the Dutch abbreviation for Quality Care Dismantling.

Companies that are certified in accordance with KZD comply with relevant legal regulations and requirements (environmental permit, occupational health, etc.) that apply to companies active in the end-of-life-vehicle dismantling industry, as well as specific requirements in the area of material recycling. Furthermore, it also means that these companies have a transparent and orderly business process.

Monitoring the carbon footprint of the recycling chain

Together with our chain partners, ARN also monitors processes for sustainability. We have been monitoring our carbon (CO2) footprint on an annual basis since 2010. Doing so shows us the environmental impact that the whole car-recycling chain is having in the Netherlands. The objective is to reduce CO₂ emissions by making sure that our processes are as sustainable as possible.

Metaal verwerking en recycling HKS

Aligning the recycling process with new legislation

Legislation sometimes changes, which can mean that companies in the chain will need to comply with new, often more stringent environmental requirements. ARN and our partners anticipate upcoming legislation, try to exert as much influence as possible on it and take the necessary steps in advance so that our processes remain compliant with legislation and regulations.


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