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ARN’s core activity is the implementation of the legal requirements stipulated in the end-of-life vehicles management decree and the battery management decree. This is done on behalf of importers that bear the responsibility as producers and are affiliated with ARN.


Collection of end-of-life vehicles and batteries

ARN facilitates the collection of end-of-life vehicles and batteries. With an extensive national network of drop-off points (authorised treatment facilities) there will always be one near you. Read more about how the collection of end-of-life vehicles and batteries is organised.
Our activities

Research and innovation

When it comes to car recycling, ARN is a firm proponent of research and innovation. Which new products can be made from waste materials, for example? What about our carbon footprint, and how can our recycling processes be made even more sustainable? Read more about research into car recycling.
Our activities

Quality assurance and monitoring

Car recycling also relies on quality assurance, which can be underpinned by monitoring the relevant links and processes. Which processes can we improve, for example? And are the separated materials of a high-enough quality to make new products? Read more about how, in cooperation with our partners, ARN is optimising recycling processes.
Our activities

National recycling network

The national recycling network, with ARN at its heart, comprises some 300 companies. It consists of dismantling companies, shredding companies, recycling companies and other types of processing companies.
Our activities

Training and courses

In conjunction with the Innovam training institute, ARN develops practical training courses. These include courses for dismantling electric vehicles, the associated regulations and anything else that might be involved. Read here how you can keep your knowledge up to scratch.