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National recycling network

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Working together with over 300 chain partners, ARN arranges the collection and high-value recycling of cars and drive batteries. Collectively, ARN’s partners constitute a national recycling network.

After being dismantled at an ARN-affiliated car-dismantling company, parts and materials from an end-of-life vehicle are sent for further processing to a shredding or recycling company, or to another processing company. ARN’s role in all this is to bring together parties in the chain, underscore effective coordination, facilitate all the processes and provide support and advice.

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If you want to hand in an end-of-life vehicle, go to Drop off a car to find an authorised treatment facility near you.

Want to know more about what happens to an end-of-life vehicle after it is dismantled at a dismantling company? Go to Shredder and PST.


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