Are you looking for an environmentally conscious way to process your waste? If so, please contact the ARN consultants. They would be happy to advise you on subjects such as recycling technology, shredder tests and the Ecotest.

Using recycling technology

Since 1996, ARN has gained ample experience with setting up and optimising the vehicle recycling chain. Effective use of diverse technologies enables ARN and its associated chain partners to properly manage recycling and re-use of end-of-life vehicles and dismantled parts. ARN uses this knowledge to advise companies on setting up waste flows effectively and environmentally consciously. In addition, ARN has years of experience with selling recovered materials such as metals, plastics, liquids, batteries, tyres, rubber, glass and fine fractions. Are you curious about the possibilities for your company? If so, please contact one of our consultants or fill in our contact form.

Transparency in your product’s (waste) chain

The way local governments, car companies and other companies have to deal with their waste flows is set down by law. ARN helps organisations comply with the legal stipulations. To this end, our consultants take an inventory of all waste flows in your organisation so you know exactly what is happening with waste and residual materials originating in your operational management. Please contact us for further information. More information on this subject can be found in the “Efficiency in the chain” dossier.

Shredder tests

Just like all other EU member states, the Netherlands is obligated to report to Brussels annually on the extent to which its objectives with respect to material recycling and re-use of end-of-life vehicles have been achieved. A large percentage of this objective is determined by the shredding recycling realisation  of end-of-life vehicles. ARN calculates this percentage on the basis of elaborate shredder tests on a representative batch of end-of-life vehicles for which all dismantled parts and recycled materials are mapped. On the basis of these data, ARN draws up a mass and material balance for the entire process. In collaboration with TNO and TU Delft ARN has elaborated measuring protocols especially for these shredder tests. For further information on shredder tests please contact Rob van der Linden.


When recycling end-of-life vehicles, the highest recycling percentage possible is not the only objective. Effective recycling requires an optimum balance between ecology (CO2 footprint and other indicators such as toxicology), resource efficiency (recycling) and economy (costs). Along with Ffact Management Consultants ARN developed the Ecotest, a test which makes the impact of the product chain transparent by combined assessment of the various indicators important to the process. Policy makers can use production chain facts  based on practice, measured by the Ecotest, as a basis for their decisions in the area of sustainability. Please contact Marlies Meijer-Willems for further information on the Ecotest.

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