Recycling legislation

The law, both national and international, stipulates strictly described requirements and standards with which end-of-life vehicles operators must comply.

Recycling legislation

National directives

In order to limit negative impact on the environment as a consequence of processing end-of-life vehicles to as great possible, the Management of End-of-Life Vehicles Decree (Bba) went into effect on 2 July 2002. With this Decree the Dutch government imposes strictly described requirements on the following matters:

  • Deregistration, collection and processing of end-of-life vehicles and the corresponding financing
  • Prevention of the use of hazardous substances in new vehicles
  • Re-use and recovery of materials released in processing of the scrap vehicle
  • Coding of material marking
  • Providing dismantling information
  • Making a mandatory notification  and annual reporting

European recycling legislation

The European Directive 2000/53/EC sets down all regulations involved in processing end-of-life motor vehicles for all of Europe. The Dutch government has transpositioned this directive through means of  the Management of End-of-Life Vehicles Decree (Bba). An important stipulation in this directive is that, from 1 January 2015, at least 95% of a vehicle must be reused or recovered as a product, of which at least 85% must be reused as a product or material.

Recycling percentage

A legally established standard of 95% will apply to recycling and recovery of end-of-life vehicles starting 2015. This percentage is divided into two subquota: 85% must at a minimum be reused as product or recycled as material while  for a maximum of  10% a recovery process can be added, for example in the form of incineration with energy recovery.

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