The ARN story

From the initiative of being able to meet a legally stipulated objective to an organisation with its own complete outlook on the environment and recycling. We are committed to a sustainable society based on a deeply rooted conviction. We are the catalyst in recovery of materials, supporting sustainable enterprise and providing insight into mobility solutions.

Centre of expertise

The ARN story beginns in 1995, when ARN (formerly Auto Recycling Nederland) was founded by the car sector (represented by RAI Vereniging , BOVAG , FOCWA Schadeherstel and STIBA). We will achieve our principal objective, 95% recycling and useful application of end-of-life vehicles, in 2015. The PST plant is operating at full capacity. Thus ARN has become the centre of expertise for sustainability and recycling in the mobility sector. As the demand for mobility solutions grows, ARN plays an increasingly important role in the themes of ‘material recovery’ and ‘sustainable enterprise’. ARN is putting this into practice together with parties in the mobility and recycling sectors.

Recycling and economy

An important factor in ARN’s work is finding the right balance between environmental performance and economic feasibility. In other words: solutions in the area of recycling must be practical. Finding specific markets for the material flows produced by recycling is at least as important as that, as recycling is only a fact once materials are actually being reused.

ARN and IvDM

The next logical step in combining knowledge to make the mobility sector more sustainable is ARN taking over the activities of the Institute for Sustainable Mobility (IvDM). While ARN focuses on recycling end-of-life vehicles and preservation of raw materials, IvDM is the catalyst for making the vehicle fleet more sustainable.

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