Sustainability Certificate for PON dealer organization

Sustainability Certificate for PON dealer organization

The ‘Erkend Duurzaam Plus’ sustainability certification process is due to get underway at the Dutch Volkswagen, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle and Audi dealer organization. This is the result of close cooperation between the car importer Pon’s Automobielhandel, the Dealer Council and BOVAG Autodealers.

Alongside the ARN Environmental Scan of ARN Recycling Services and the scan for the ‘Erkend Duurzaam’ Sustainability Certificate of BOVAG Autodealers, the integrated ‘Erkend Duurzaam Plus’ (EDP) sustainability scan was introduced earlier this year. The EDP scan combines all aspects of sustainable entrepreneurship. To qualify for the EDP certificate, BOVAG members must ensure that their business processes are set up according to the ‘Erkend Duurzaam’ sustainability requirements of BOVAG Autodealers. In addition, they must adhere to an environmentally responsible waste and energy policy in conformity with the requirements of the ARN Environmental Scan. The audits for obtaining the ‘ED Plus’ certificate are fully carried out by the specialists of ARN.

Efficient approach

The Dealer Council was closely involved in the preparations for the certification round. Together with BOVAG Autodealers, they looked closely at the impact of the assessment work at the individual dealers. Double audits are avoided thanks to an efficient approach. One example of this is the use of random sampling for companies with more than five branches instead of full audits at each individual branch to check compliance with the central sustainability policy. Thanks to this approach, the work at the branches can be confined to the energy and waste scan.

Own standard

It is the first time that EDP certification is being rolled out at an entire dealer organization. Speaking in the industry journal BOVAGkrant, Hans Bresser, manager of BOVAG Autodealers, commented: “It means a lot to us that Pon’s Automobielhandel has opted for Erkend Duurzaam Plus. It confirms that the dealer sector is perfectly capable of developing its own standard. This was already evident when the government decided to include Erkend Duurzaam in the procurement policy and in the VAMIL subsidy scheme. The fact that an importer has embraced it will create even wider support and acceptance.”

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