Students receive guest lecture at ARN

Students receive guest lecture at ARN

At the end of September, during a guest lecture at the PST facility in Tiel, 4th-year students from the Nova College were able to enjoy a detailed introduction to the work of ARN. As well as a tour through the facility, the students of the study programme Technical Specialist Passenger Cars and the study programme Workshop Manager received an explanation of such subjects as sustainability and the dismantling of electrical cars.

What happens to the materials from a dismantled vehicle? What should I watch out for when purchasing used parts? How can I ensure the safe dismantling of batteries from a hybrid or electrical car? And what are the views of people on the workshop floor on the subject of sustainability? These were questions answered by ARN during a guest lecture for 4th-year students from the Nova College. “It is extremely worthwhile sharing our knowledge in this way with young people about to join the automotive sector,” suggested Rob van der Linden, project manager at ARN. “Once they start working in a workshop or at the reception desk, it is useful for them to know what possibilities are available for implementing sustainability within their own business, and just what ARN does with the final residues from end-of-life vehicles. If it is up to me this is an initiative that will definitely be repeated. We will further discuss this pilot lecture in the near future and will investigate possibilities of rolling out the programme into other parts of the country.”

Educational day

Thijs de Smet, lecturer in Automotive Technology at the Nova College, was also satisfied with the guest lecture received by the students at ARN. “A whole new world opened up to them in respect of car recycling. It is fabulous to see that the Netherlands is a frontrunner in Europe in this field. The explanation about the dismantling of electrical and hybrid cars was also particularly fascinating. Our students understand the theory of how it all works, but we do not yet have the teaching material to put that theoretical knowledge into practice. Besides, that might prove a somewhat risky business. It is a relatively new aspect within the field and one in which importers are now also providing good training programmes. Within the Nova College, we offer study programmes for automotive mechanics at levels 2, 3 and 4. In my opinion, this guest lecture was interesting for students at all levels. I can certainly see us repeating the exercise, in the future. All in all, it was a very educational and well-organised day.”

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