SAVER and ARN: Safe working on damaged vehicles

SAVER and ARN: Safe working on damaged vehicles

A practical example of one case that will be dealt with during the training programme is a severely damaged hybrid vehicle with a battery in the rear compartment. The vehicle will have been involved in a nose to tail collision, and is trapped between two trucks. This example will combine the expertise of ARN and Falck Risc, by concentrating on the safety of both emergency services workers and victims, and the correct treatment of the wrecked vehicle.

The following subjects will be dealt with during the training programme:


  • Construction and operation of hybrid and electrical vehicles
  • Safe working on hybrid and electrical vehicles
  • Built-in safety of the high voltage system
  • Personal protective equipment (for fire brigade personnel during the incident)
  • Disasters involving hybrid and electrical vehicles
  • What are the facts and what are the fables?
  • Alternative drive systems (LPG, CNG, LNG, hydrogen)
  • Techniques & materials (Carbon fibre, aluminium panelling, airbags, seatbelt tensioners, ROPS and EWS)
  • Use of rescue tools, alternative tools & influence on the victim
  • Protocol 10.9 and 10.10 LPA 8.0; do we still need the fire brigade?


  • On a pre-prepared vehicle, experiences can be shared for promoting safe working practice. Possible subjects: where are the supercondensers, what is the routing of the high voltage cables, and how do you recognise a vehicle with an alternative power source?
  • Hands-on practice of a range of techniques on demolition vehicles. Use of a magnet, hooligan tools, the possibilities and impossibilities of hydraulics and its alternatives, the use of tools to guarantee the intended outcome.

For more information, please contact Marlies Meijer.

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