Girlsday 2016

Girlsday 2016

ARN has contributed to Girlsday 2016, an initiative to introduce girls to science and technology companies. As part of this project, female pupils from RSG Lingecollege in Tiel were given a tour of the PST plant.

Good initiative

Dutch girls are less likely than boys to choose a study or job in science, technology or IT, even though they generally score as high as boys in these subjects. During Girlsday, young girls can learn more about these sectors. This is a good initiative, according to Hans van de Greef, director of the PST plant: “Women are just as capable of working in our sector as men. It is a shame if the pool of potential good employees is reduced by half because girls are not familiar with our field of work. Initiatives such as Girlsday offer opportunities that we should grasp. As far as I’m concerned, we will definitely be participating again next year.”

Guided tour

Sjaak Janssen and Gerard van Buuren gave the girls from RSG Lingecollege a guided tour of the plant in Tiel. In addition to a tour of the large-scale machinery, the girls visited the control room and even the laboratory, an area which is usually off-limits to visitors. One pupil talked enthusiastically about the tour: “I always thought that cars were turned into scrap and that was the end of it. But now I can see the pulverized remains of a car, I know that it involves so much more.”

Technology is creative

“Technology is actually very creative”, said another pupil. “The more creative you are, the more new things you can discover and build with technology. I already know that I want to do something involving therapy. But I think that it’s very good that I am seeing new things here, things that I could also do. Without coming here today, I would not have learnt all this.”

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