First shipment leaves Tiel

First shipment leaves Tiel

Over the past months the people at the new PST plant in Tiel have been working hard to start up a fully integrated processing line. And with success. Because despite a few minor teething problems, the first shipment of finished material was collected and transported to Galloo Plastics in France on 3 November.


The processing line which is now largely up and running is a complex installation. As expected, some minor start-up glitches came to light in the past months, but most of these have meanwhile been resolved.

Three of the four modules have been set to process shredder residue, but the completion of the fibre module is still slightly behind schedule. “This final module comprises the agglomeration step; its job is to increase the density of the fibre material. But, as I said, it is not yet ready for use,” says plant director Hans van de Greef. “This is partly due to the automation surrounding this process. To achieve an optimal process flow, we chose to set up a new system. This is taking a little longer than expected.”

Hub caps and grilles

But the other parts of the line can operate without the fibre module. In the past weeks, for instance, we processed a quantity of hub caps and grilles as well as shredder residue. As a result, the first shipment of finished material left the gates of the PST plant on Thursday, 3 November. The first shipment consisted of a preconcentrate of light plastics, mainly polypropylene and polyethylene, which is separated in the plastics module. The material is transported to Galloo Plastics in North France for further processing into plastic granules. These granules will subsequently be used as a raw material for, amongst other things, manufacturing plastic parts for the automotive industry.


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