Sector organisations coöperation |ARN

Sector organisations coöperation |ARN

The sector organisations in the mobility sector, brought together in the Institute for Sustainable Mobility (IvDM), have joined forces to implement a series of sustainability programmes. The aim of this collaboration is to produce a uniform set of certificates on sustainability and CSR for the entire mobility industry. This announcement was issued by ARN and the affiliated sector associations during the press conference at The New Driving Electrical Transport Centre on 11 June last. The IvDM foundation has entrusted implementation of the programme to ARN.

The sustainability programme for the various activities in the mobility industry will be brought together under a common name and logo. Within the joint venture, according to their shared name, new combined certificates will be developed on the basis of the existing sustainability certificates such as Approved Sustainable from BOVAG and FOCWA’s CSR policy. At the initiative of STIBA, more attention will also be focused on the reuse of second-hand parts.

Learning from one another’s expertise and skills

This collaboration will help the individual sectors to learn from one another’s expertise and skills. As a result, they will not repeatedly have to ‘reinvent the wheel’. The approach will also help prevent the mushrooming of certificates and certifying bodies for companies in the sector and their customers. This centralised sectoral approach will provide a clear structure for sustainable business practice for lease companies, government authorities and insurers.

Collaboration between ARN and IvDM

This step is a consequence of the new sector initiative taken by BOVAG, FOCWA, the RAI Association and STIBA for placing their sustainability, CSR and certification activities within the umbrella organisation IvDM. BOVAG and the RAI Association established IvDM in 2008 to promote sustainability in the automotive industry. The establishment of ARN (at the time Auto Recycling Nederland) was a consequence of an initiative by BOVAG, FOCWA, the RAI Association and STIBA to streamline the recycling of vehicles. Since February 2013, execution of IvDM policy has been entrusted to ARN, resulting in an organisation capable of dealing with a wide range of sustainability issues in the field of mobility, for vehicles still on the road and those that have reached the end of their useful life.

The proposed close collaboration on sustainability issues will result in the combination of knowledge and improved efficiency. In this way, the sector will be able to take an important step forward in terms of sustainable business practice.

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