ARN delighted with expiry of ‘Dismantling under own Authority’ scheme

ARN delighted with expiry of ‘Dismantling under own Authority’ scheme

As from 1 April, the ‘Dismantling under own Authority’ (SIEB) scheme is to expire. As a result, end-of-life vehicles can only be dismantled by approved car dismantling companies. ARN, a leading force behind this decision, is delighted. Director of ARN, Arie de Jong commented, “This is a vital step towards the more honest processing of end-of-life vehicles. But it is not the end of the line; the fraudulent reporting of end-of-life vehicles for export remains a major source of concern in preventing leakage flows in the recycling chain.”

Fake export cars source of worry

Every year, thousands of end-of-life vehicles disappear from the chain of environmentally-approved processing into so-called leakage flows. There were companies that made use of the SIEB scheme to simply dismantle cars without having an environmental permit and without supervision from the enforcement authorities. The most common disposal method, alongside scrapping under own management, is to report a vehicle for export while in fact the vehicle remains in the Netherlands, where it is processed in an unauthorised manner. ARN estimates that 40,000 vehicles end up as ‘fake exports’ every year. It is possible that a further shift will take place from SIEB figures into export reports as a means of disposing of vehicle registrations. The result is environmental damage and unfair competition in the car recycling sector. De Jong continued, “All the relevant stakeholders will need to focus attention on this point, in order to prevent even more vehicles ‘disappearing’ via the export route. We therefore urgently call upon everyone to come up with creative solutions to put an end to this leakage flow, forever”.

Efforts by ARN lead to change in regulations

Over the past few years, in collaboration with its partners Stichting AVc, STIBA, the Government Road Transport Agency (RDW) and the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, ARN has on numerous occasions called for more attention for the problems. For years, ARN has been hard at work attempting to plug the leakage flows in the recycling chain. For example, ARN has been investigating the reports of scrapping under own management. These investigations revealed that 157 companies had made use of the SIEB scheme, with 51 companies having reported more than 5 vehicle dismantling operations. Every year, some 200,000 vehicles are deregistered for dismantling in the Netherlands. Growing numbers were deregistered as part of the scrapping under own management scheme. Over the last few years, the numbers of vehicles deregistered via SIEB fluctuated around the 10,000 mark, each year. In 2014, 10,578 vehicles were deregistered as part of the scheme.

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