ARN Auto Recycling awarded ISO 9001 certificate

ARN Auto Recycling awarded ISO 9001 certificate

Although ARN is already well on the way to achieving the statutory 95% car recycling target, it is still important to maintain a focus on the quality of service provision. ARN succeeds in this aim, among others, by monitoring and where necessary improving its processes. A new step in this particular process is the ISO 9001 certificate recently awarded to ARN Auto Recycling following an audit by KIWA.

Controlling business processes

Following an extensive audit by the certifying body KIWA, ARN Auto Recycling has been awarded its ISO 9001 certificate. By complying with this internationally-recognised standard, ARN Auto Recycling has underlined the fact that its internal processes and the quality of its management systems are fully up to scratch. “This helps us show that ARN as an organisation is still moving forwards. We constantly strive to improve, and ensure that all our staff remain involved in that process. ISO 9001 will help us to soundly control our business processes; extremely important to our service provision and transparency,” explained Aarnout van Duuren, manager at ARN Auto Recycling.

Intensive programme

ARN Auto Recycling placed ISO 9001 certification on its agenda way back in February last year. The first internal steps were subsequently taken a few months later. “It has been a truly intensive programme. To ensure success, it is essential that every employee is convinced of the value and importance of ISO 9001. That aspect took up most of our time. It is therefore extremely satisfying to see that we achieved certification in one go, without any shortcomings,” continued Van Duuren. “For us, ISO 9001 is also a tool for measuring whether we are on schedule with our targets and guaranteeing for example how we deal with complaints or the results of a customer satisfaction survey. By setting these items in a fixed structure, we gain greater control over the processes and are able to make any necessary adjustments at an earlier stage, thereby increasing the effectiveness of our policy.”

Compliments for internal approach

Peter Brands, who was responsible for the certification process as Senior Auditor at KIWA, was particularly positive about the way that ARN Auto Recycling undertook the process under its own management. “That is quite an achievement, since the task represents a major burden on top of the regular workload. However, the advantage of this approach is that at the end of the day everyone recognises themselves in the selected process descriptions, thereby broadening internal support. Another advantage is that the preparations are undertaken by people who understand the nature of the work in practice. The result is a truly bespoke programme. The situation is different if you as a company have the ISO programme undertaken by an external party. It also became clear during the audit that ARN has grasped this opportunity to thoroughly examine its own operating practices. Besides a number of minor points for improvement, I came up against no major shortcomings during the course of the audit. I would like to pay one further compliment for the way in which ARN has equipped its extranet for all contract parties. Much vital information is perfectly stored on the extranet, allowing the management to know the precise status of business at all times, in relation to the statutory tasks the organisation faces.”

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