ARN tax and customs administration convenant | ARN

ARN tax and customs administration convenant | ARN

On Monday 6 January 2014, ARN signed the Horizontal Supervision Covenant with the Tax and Customs Administration. The undertakings contained in this agreement are proof of the mutual trust and understanding shared by both parties. This open cooperation will result in greater legal certainty.

Efficient and effective

The core of horizontal supervision is efficient cooperation between ARN and the Tax and Customs Administration. Within that cooperation, the two parties are not opposing, but instead sit alongside one another on the basis of clear agreements reached in advance, and greater transparency in terms of the process of transactions, tax returns and assessments. As a consequence, administrative issues can be dealt with more rapidly, and both parties know what to expect from one another.

Pride in trust

The Tax and Customs Administration only signs covenants with businesses in which it has sufficient trust. Prior to signing the agreement, the Tax and Customs Administration therefore first carried out an investigation into ARN, which was successfully passed. Ingrid Niessing, CFO at ARN commented, “The signing of the covenant reflects the trust shown in our organisation; in our fiscal processes and our internal auditing. I view the signing of the covenant as a compliment for our internal organisation.”

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