ARN and RDW assist vehicle recycling in Russia

ARN and RDW assist vehicle recycling in Russia

Last Thursday 20 October 2011 the Dutch RDW (vehicle compliance authority) and the Russian Nizhny Novgorod University signed a letter of intent to cooperate. The aim is to help the Russian vehicle industry to set up and integrate recycling into the vehicle production chain.

The RDW and Russian university will share knowledge with a view to making the roads safer and cleaner. One particular issue in Russia is the problem of abandoned car wrecks. Vehicle and owner registration is important to tackle this problem and also to organize an effective car recycling system.

Materials re-use

Russian vehicle manufacturers still lack the required knowledge for setting up and integrating the re-use of materials from discarded vehicles. Materials re-use is one of the admission requirements that vehicles must satisfy before they are allowed on the road in the EU. The RDW has offered Russian vehicle manufacturers assistance with the admission testing process. Alongside the RDW, Dutch organizations such as ARN, Nedschroef and Hermion want to put the Russian vehicle industry on the right road with their knowledge of recycling solutions – as, in the Netherlands, no less than 95% of the materials in vehicles are re-used. The RDW, incidentally, carries out these activities on a cost-effective basis.

The Nizhny Novgorod region, situated some 500 kilometres to the east of Moscow, is one of the largest vehicle-producing regions in Russia. Awareness of the need for recycling is growing in the Russian automotive industry. What’s more, vehicle recycling is also increasingly interesting in financial terms.


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