‘We have gone one step further’

‘We have gone one step further’

“One of our core values is ‘act responsibly’ and that includes giving priority to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).” Johan Claassens is Project Manager at MAN Nederland Dealer B.V., with twelve branches throughout the country the largest group of MAN dealers in the Netherlands.

“In 2012, our importer’s organisation MAN Truck & Bus B.V. took the initiative to have the entire MAN dealership organisation qualified as Certified Sustainable. We have gone one step further, to Certified Sustainable Plus.” To achieve this Plus status, a number of improvement measures were taken for example in terms of waste management. “The benchmark component of Certified Sustainable revealed that we were already performing well in terms of waste separation, but that there were still considerable discrepancies between the different locations. By introducing the same method of smarter waste separation at all locations, we were able to achieve a 20% cost reduction”

Nonetheless, MAN Dealer Nederland B.V. has no intention of stopping there. The most recently-built dealerships are not only equipped with light sensors, but also advanced installations for heat recovery and high-efficiency pellet boilers. When trucks are delivered, drivers also receive personal instructions, and on request special skills training to teach them how to handle the new truck as efficiently as possible. A useful support tool is the online driving style analyser. Finally, the entire fleet of courtesy vehicles is made up of only energy-efficient models. “But we still have some way to go,” continued Claassens. “For example in the near future we will be installing smart meters in our buildings, to gain a clearer understanding of our energy consumption. That will help us take further targeted reduction measures. CSR always starts with knowledge and awareness!”

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