“Sustainability has to be real”

“Sustainability has to be real”

“Sustainability has to be real,” explained Peter de Rooy, Managing Director of De Rooy Group in ’t Goy (Houten), with a clear sense of conviction.

“Many businesses say they are sustainable, but their sustainability goes no further than paying to answer a few questions on a website, and sticking a label on the door. Clients can see through such practices very quickly.” De Rooy himself has implemented an impressive series of sustainable measures in his companies, including an international transport operator, an independent car dealership and a petrol station. Those measures range from installing energy-saving time switches right through to the purchase of an electric truck, and from training courses for his drivers in ‘The New Driving’ through to very strict waste separation. And his efforts have not been in vain. “They help us stand out from the competition. It is one of the reasons why customers choose us.”
The company is the second in the Netherlands with the qualification ‘Certified Sustainable Premium’, a confirmation of De Rooy’s pioneering role in Corporate Social Responsibility. “In ’t Goy, everyone knows everyone, and everyone thinks of each other. We as a business attach considerable importance to the health and safety of local residents and our own employees. Those too are elements of CSR.” For Certified Sustainable Premium, all the business processes must be carefully assessed. “In our sector, we are regularly visited by inspectors. Because everything is well organised here, we can quickly help them on their way.” De Rooy pointed towards his recently purchased BMW i3. “CSR is in our genes, and our goal is to also inspire customers, suppliers and our employees to demonstrate conscious sustainable behaviour, too.”

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