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2018 Sustainability Report

End-of-life vehicles recovered for 98.4% in 2018

ARN has also played a pivotal role in car recycling in the Netherlands in 2018. The organisation supported its chain partners as an initiator, knowledge centre and facilitator. In this ARN Sustainability Report you can read how it did this and the results it achieved. For the second year, ARN has submitted itself to the yardstick of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with the motto ‘lean and green’ in mind.

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2017 Sustainability Report

“Tightening up our strategy, goals and performances”

In 2017, ARN closely scrutinises its strategy, goals and performances. With a renewed focus, we are moving towards the future of car recycling, confirmed in four promises: partnership in recycling, a level playing field, peace of mind in waste processing, and investing in sustainable car recycling.


sustainability report, arn

2016 Sustainability Report

“Reduced costs, increased freedom for entrepreneurs”

A new phase in the relationship with car dismantling companies: the disposal fee makes way for an administrative fee; compulsory work will no longer be compensated.


2015 Sustainability Report

“The year of three informative shredder trials”

Three shredder trials provide an accurate insight in the material flows and potential new applications. An official reuse label will be introduced: the classification.

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2014 Sustainability Report

“First pilot with second life batteries”

For the first time, the recycling performance reports results from the Post Shredder Technology (PST) plant. Pampus is starting a pilot for storing solar and wind energy in used car batteries.

sustainability report, arn

2013 Sustainability Report

“New ambitious CO2 goals”

The branch organisations in the mobility sector sign the SER energy agreement for a CO2 reduction of 60% by 2050. ARN will help them to achieve those goals.