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Circular economy workshop for all business owners in the automotive industry
You too can lead the way!
In order to guarantee a safe future for our planet, we are moving as a society towards a circular economy. The government has issued robust […]

In order to guarantee a safe future for our planet, we are moving as a society towards a circular economy. The government has issued robust ambitions in its government-wide programme, “Nederland Circular in 2050”. A great deal of responsibility rests on you as a business owner. What can you do already?

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2050 may sound a long time away, but when you think that it is almost as far away as 1990, there is no doubt that time really does fly. Furthermore, a lot can happen in 30 years. For instance, cars were not fitted with airbags until 1990. Now it is impossible to imagine cars without them. Ever since it began, the automotive industry has also been working on devising solutions. These range from fewer road traffic deaths (airbag) to lower emissions and the use of raw materials (circularity). Since the mid-1990s, the number of road traffic deaths in cars has also fallen by 66 per cent and cars emit an average of 43 per cent less CO2.

A better environment starts with you

We can leave the responsibility for the environment and safety to the big players such as car manufacturers, but as the government have been telling us for years, “a better environment starts with you”. What can you do in your company to contribute towards that one-hundred per cent circular society? It is a tricky question to answer, but fortunately, help is available.

Have you ever thought of offering second-hand parts when you carry out repairs? It’s simple, rapid and circular! It is possible to think of many other sustainable opportunities which will emerge during the workshop.

Circular economy workshop

CIRCO, in conjunction with ARN, is organising a three-day workshop on the circular economy that is geared to the automotive sector. During this course, you will gain knowledge about circular business practices and can start to consider new circular-economy opportunities for your business.

On the first day of the workshop, you will take a look at ARN’s Post Shredder Technology factory in Tiel. This factory sorts shredder waste so that the maximum amount of residual substances can be used as raw material for new products. So, this already involves circularity, but it is right at the end of the chain. What can be done earlier in the recycling process to promote circularity? For this reason, we will be analysing the entire process from design and production to use and disposal.

During the following days you and the other participants will focus on circular business models and design strategies. What is needed to make the automotive sector entirely circular? How can you have an impact on this? How can your company play a role, and what does it need for this? Interactive working methods will enable you to gain new insights about opportunities for new circular products, services and business models. You will leave the workshop with a long-term vision for your company and a concrete plan for getting started right away.

Prepared for the future

After the three-day workshop, participants will have a greater awareness of the business opportunities of circular business practices. Do you want to make use of new opportunities and avoid the pitfalls, too? Register for the workshop and gain lots of tools for getting started with circular business practices. Prepare for your future. You too can lead the way!

CIRCO Automotive Workshop Track

Who is it intended for? All businesses in the automotive sector, including car dismantling companies and shredders.When will it take place? 15 and 25 April, 10 May 2019What time is it being held? 9 am – 6 pmHow much does it cost? €500 per registration. This amount allows two people to follow the three fully-organised days of the workshop. (The actual cost is € 2000. This 75% discount is provided by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management).Who is running the workshop? Siem Haffmans (Partners for Innovation) and Jeannette Levels-Vermeer (LBP|SIGHT).

You can find more information about the CIRCO Automotive Track Workshop by clicking this link. You can register here.

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