Recycling car batteries

Old batteries contain hazardous materials, such as lead and sulphuric acid. If these substances are released, they pose a danger to people and the environment. Waste batteries must thus be dismantled and processed responsibly.

The Battery Management Decree gives guidance on how to go about this.

And from the point of view of manufacturer responsibility, vehicle manufacturers and importers are obliged to take back batteries after use. This implies a great number of obligations and responsibilities.

ARN Management Plan

Together with the Dutch Battery Foundation (Stibat) ARN supports businesses to comply with these requirements. For businesses participating in the ARN Management Plan, ARN can implement collective solutions for collection, transport and processing of waste batteries. And ARN can also help businesses with administrative obligations under the Bbb, including the requirement to produce an annual report.

Businesses pay a management fee to participate in this management plan. For 2017 this is €0.05 (ex VAT) per battery. There are stricter rules and regulations on Li-ion batteries. So the following administration charges apply to these batteries.

  • Battery weight ≤ 5 kg: €10
  • Battery weight >5 kg and ≤ 25 kg: €25
  • Battery weight >25 kg and ≤ 100 kg: €75
  • Battery weight >100 kg and ≤ 350 kg: €150
  • Battery weight >350 kg and ≤ 600 kg: €180
  • Battery weight >600 kg and ≤ 900 kg: €210

These amounts include VAT and are over and above the regular recycling fee of €42.50.

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