Training sessions

ARN also offers various training sessions in the areas of recycling, dismantling and electric vehicles.

Training sessions: Neutralising airbags and central adjusters

ARN has developed the Neutralising Airbags & belt tensioner training course. Prior to dismantling an end-of-life vehicle, the mechanic must first de-activate airbags and belt tensioners. Specific knowledge is required to safely implement this work. The training course includes the following components:

  •     General information on dismantling airbags and belt tensioners.
  •      Various applications for dismantled airbags and belt tensioners.
  •     Risks of neutralising airbags and belt tensioners and how these risks can be prevented.
  •     Explanation on safe neutralisation either by ignition in the vehicle or by disassembly.
  •     Airbagmaster method in practice and discussion of storage options.
  •     Final test.

For further information on the training course please contact Martijn Metzelaar.

Training sessions: Dismantling electric and hybrid vehicles

ARN offers the training course “Safe dismantling of hybrid and electric vehicles for car dismantlers.” Due to the ongoing growth in the number of hybrid and electric vehicles in the Netherlands, more hybrid and electric vehicles are also being presented for dismantling. Mechanics have to deal with high voltage when dismantling HV batteries. Therefore for safety’s sake the work needs to be done with special care. The training course includes an e-learning module and one day of hands-on training. The practical part takes place in the ARN Research Centre in Tiel. The day ends with a test. After following the training course, participants have all the knowledge necessary to remove the battery from a hybrid or electric vehicle safely and according to the proper procedures. More information on dismantling Electric Vehicles is available in the HV battery Dossier (in Dutch). To register for the training course as a car dismantler please go to the registration page.

Training sessions: Basic Air Conditioner Technology for Dismantlers.

Nowadays, nearly every car is equipped with air conditioning. It is important for dismantlers to competently dismantle the various components of the air conditioner. The coolant in an air conditioner is a hazardous substance that must be collected safely and environmentally sound. Because of  environmental permits, companies are obligated to have employees who work with air conditioners and coolant, follow an air conditioner technology training course. Therefore ARN would like to call your attention to the ATG basic air conditioner technology training course. You can register for the course, held in Dordrecht, Eindhoven and Zwolle, via ARN.

The basic air conditioner technology training course covers the following subjects:

  • System and components
  • Procedures
  • Air conditioner functioning and operation
  • Maintenance and breakdowns

Register for the training course or contact Martijn Metzelaar for further information.

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