Advice and research

The specialists at ARN encourage sustainable business practices and are happy to share their knowledge and experience with others. They are experts in the field of chain management, recycling of raw materials, CSR and sustainability and advise on many subjects, both within and outside the mobility sector.

Recycling processes

ARN can advise on environmentally-sensitive configuration and optimisation of your recycling process, finding the right market for your secondary raw-materials and compliance with legal requirements.

Our services:

  • development of recycling processes
  • operational advice on recycling systems
  • costing business cases for recycling processes
  • recommendations on product design from the perspective of circular economy
  • advice on legal options and obstacles
  • exploring existing and new markets

For more information please contact Pieter Kuiper.

Chain management

ARN is an experienced and committed partner in questions on chain management. We know exactly what to expect when recovering raw materials from waste streams.

Our services:

  • configuring the chain organisation
  • advice on optimisation
  • interim management
  • administrative, control, reporting and communications services

For more information please contact Rob van der Linden.

Transparency in raw-material chains

Many organisations have raw-material streams that could easily be recycled. ARN helps to identify your raw-material streams, enabling you to return valuable raw materials to the chain. You will increase your financial value and make a contribution to a circular economy.

Our services:

  • Identifying your legal requirements
  • analysing and optimising your raw-material streams
  • recycling testing
  • advice on subsequent steps

For more information please contact Hector Timmers.

Sustainable mobility

New developments in the field of mobility demand new knowledge of how to deal with waste streams, and safety. Thanks to our joint efforts with the Instituut voor Duurzame Mobiliteit (IvDM, sustainable mobility institute), ARN can give you the support you need in this regard.

Our services:


Corporate Social Responsibility is increasingly important in business life. It can mean savings in energy and costs, as well as a ‘future-proof’ business. ARN can help you draft a CSR policy or enhance your current CSR policy.

Our services:

  • Advice on the right approach to take with CSR
  • Erkend Duurzaam is the foremost sustainability programme for the mobility sector.
  • Waste and energy checklists

For more information please contact Dolf Teuwen.

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