Vehicle dismantling

The average vehicle goes to the breaker's yard for salvage after 18 years. In the Netherlands that means around 230,000 vehicles per year. ARN, along with a network of some three hundred partners in the chain, oversees environmentally-friendly processing of these end-of-life vehicles and their batteries. At least 95% of a vehicle's weight is recycled or recovered.

ARN authorised car dismantling companies

Everything starts at the ARN (Auto Recycling Nederland)-registered car dismantling company. This company de-registers the vehicle with the appropriate authority (in the Netherlands this is the RDW) before starting the dismantling process. The dismantling company can re-use or sell many parts for second-hand use such as the starter motor, gearbox, dynamo and headlamps. Other parts, such as tyres, batteries, LPG tanks and fluids are removed for recycling. Specialised companies process these materials to obtain raw materials for new products.

231 car dismantling companies are affiliated to ARN. Together, they recycle 29.5% (by weight) of all such vehicles in the Netherlands.

In the case of old types of batteries this demands special attention. Read more here.
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Shredder company

The end-of-life vehicle, shorn of all its salvaged parts, then goes to an ARN-registered shredder company via an intermediary or otherwise. The vehicle shredder recovers metals such as iron, copper and aluminium for the metallurgical industry.

There are 11 shredder companies affiliated to ARN. Together they recycle 55.1% of the weight of all end-of-life vehicles in the Netherlands.

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PST plant

The final stop is our PST plant in Tiel. This is where the waste from the shredders is sorted using ‘post shredder technology’ (PST) into re-usable raw materials. These minerals, fibres, metals and plastic are used in a range of markets to make new products.

The PST plant helps us recycle the last 12.4% of end-of-life vehicles in the Netherlands.

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