Why recycling?

The growing world population is creating an ever-growing demand for raw materials, which can no longer fully be extracted from the earth. That makes waste recycling and recovery ever more important.

Why recycling?

The demand for raw materials is increasing. They are becoming more and more difficult to obtain. In order to be less dependent on foreign suppliers of raw materials, recovering materials from waste is becoming increasingly important.

Raw material roundabout

Raw materials are becoming  more and more scarce. Stock is being exhausted and the demand for materials increases as the world population grows. Recycling waste materials into materials that can be used for new purposes provides a solution. Doing this to the maximum extent creates a circular economy. A circular economy is important for the Netherlands if we want to be less dependent on foreign suppliers of raw materials. And if we do so intelligently, using the latest innovative technology, the economy as a whole will benefit.

Raw materials from discarded cars

Raw materials have been the subject of working and thinking since ARN was founded. How do we ensure high-quality re-use of the materials from the end of life vehicle? How can we process batteries safely? How do we process the last percentages of waste from a car? ARN looked into this for the mobility sector and thus developed into a centre of expertise. We join market parties and research institutions in the search for the most suitable and innovative way to develop high-quality applications for all materials.

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