Recycling calculation for 2014 

European Directive 2000/53/EC describes the processing of and accounting for end-of-life vehicles. The Netherlands transposed this Directive into its End-oflife
vehicle (Management) Decree (Bba). This Decree lays down that of all end-of-life vehicles registered in the Netherlands, at least 85% of the weight must be recycled in new products or reused. Of that total, at least 80% must be reused as product or material, supplemented by 5% energy recovery.

From 2015 onwards, the recycling target has been raised to useful application of 95% by weight. Of that, at least 85% must be reused as product or material, supplemented to at least 95% through energy recovery. The European Commission has drawn up detailed rules for reporting on those percentages and the way in which the Member States of the European Union must report on the figures to Brussels. The rules of the European Commission specify that periodic shredder trials have to be carried out. The results from those shredder trials are needed for calculating the percentages in the Bba. The recycling calculation for 2014 was based on the shredder trial carried out in 2010, supplemented by the performance achieved by the PST plant in 2014. In 2014 ARN fullfi lls the legal obligations for 2015. For years, ARN has been making efforts to increase its market share by tackling unfair competition.Recyclingprestatie engels


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