Sustainability Report 2017: Impressive 98.6% of end-of-life vehicles repurposed in 2017

Sustainability Report 2017: Impressive 98.6% of end-of-life vehicles repurposed in 2017

Together with 300 partners in the car recycling sector, ARN achieved a repurpose rate of 98.6% for end-of-life vehicles in 2017. This was the result of a sustainability report published today by ARN (Auto Recycling Nederland). This achievement means that the Netherlands easily exceeds the legal recycling obligation of 95% of the weight of end-of-life vehicles.

In 2017, 196,252 end-of-life vehicles were processed by the ARN network (in 2016: 185,740). This means that a total of more than 200 million kilos of materials were reused in a responsible manner. A relatively new car part is the car battery. Although the number of car batteries to be recycled is not particularly large yet, the recycling sector is ready for the expected peak.

Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations

The ARN 2017 Sustainability Report explains the activities and goals in car recycling in terms of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). These are seventeen goals established by the United Nations. “For the first time, ARN has adapted its policy and practice to these goals,” explains CEO Ingrid Niessing. “As an important signpost along this road, ARN has selected five main goals to pursue. Together these form a ‘compass’ for the choices made by ARN.”

Alternative to the landfill

Of the 98.6% rate achieved, 87.1% comprises reuse as a product or material and 11.5% as a useful application, such as by means of energy recovery. This makes it possible to meet and exceed the established goal of 95% repurposing. The achievement is due in part to the Post-Shredder Technology (PST) factory operated by ARN since 2011 and that made it possible to achieve the difficult last percentage points of the target. This past year, the PST factory contributed 15.8% (2016: 14.7%) to the recycling performance rate. The PST factory proves that an alternative is available to the dumping and incineration of shredder waste from end-of-life vehicles.

Consumers benefit

The recycling system is financed by the recycling fee paid when purchasing a new car. Innovations and cost savings can mean a gradual reduction in the recycling fee in coming years, from €40 in 2018 to €35 per car in 2020. The Sustainability Report can be found here.

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