Research into new sales channels for raw materials

Research into new sales channels for raw materials

Based on European legislation, since 1 January 2015, EU countries have been required to recycle end-of-life vehicles in accordance with the EU Directive. This demands at least 85 percent recycling, supplemented by 10 percent energy recovery. By opening the PST plant in Tiel, ARN has created the possibility of fulfilling this requirement, on behalf of the Netherlands. This legally-imposed target has already been reached, partly thanks to a Life+ grant awarded to ARN in 2011. How was the funding spent? And what exactly have been the results, so far?

To meet the 95 percent target for the processing of end-of-life vehicles imposed by the EU, ARN opened the PST (Post Shredder Technology) plant in Tiel in 2011. The plant houses a separator installation that separates shredder waste from end-of-life vehicles into different fractions, in a series of stages. In this way, ARN is able to recover valuable raw materials from waste, including plastic, fibres, minerals and metals such as iron, aluminium and copper. Since 2013, the Netherlands has officially complied with the EU standard of 95 percent recycling and energy recovery. Although this percentage was already reached in 2011 and 2012, the legally-imposed division into 85 percentage recycling and 10 percent energy recovery was first fully achieved in 2013 (see box on page 2).

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