Sustainability Report 2016: Dutch cars 98.7% recycled and recovered last year

In the Netherlands, we have reached the point that 98.7% of the weight of end-of-life vehicles is given a meaningful and sustainable new use. This performance was achieved last year, together with more than 300 car dismantling companies, shredder companies and recycling companies. These figures appear in the sustainability report published today by ARN, formerly Auto Recycling Nederland.

The high-value recycling of cars makes a real contribution to a better natural environment and a more pleasant living environment. For more than twenty years, ARN has been helping garages and consumers to dispose of their end-of-life vehicles in a responsible manner. In making this possible, ARN supports car dismantling companies and works alongside all the links in the automotive recycling chain. In 2016, 185,740 end-of-life vehicles were processed in the ARN network, and in total almost 57 million kg of material were removed and responsibly recycled.

Alternative for dumping waste in landfill sites

Of the 98.7% recycling total, 88.9% consists of product reuse or material reuse, and 9.8% energy recovery. This total clearly exceeds the statutory target of 95% automotive recycling. These figures were calculated on the basis of the European Directive 2000/53/EC that describes the processing of end-of-life vehicles. The result is partly due to the Post-Shredder Technology (PST) plant operated by ARN since 2011 which processes the final few difficult percent needed to meet the target. Last year, the PST plant contributed 14.7% to the recycling performance. This plant is unique in Europe and is proof that there is an alternative for the incineration or dumping of shredder waste from end-of-life vehicles in landfill sites.

The consumer profits

The recycling system is financed via the recycling fee paid by consumers when they purchase a new car. Thanks to innovations and cost savings, this recycling fee will be reduced in stages over the next few years, from € 42.50 in 2017 to just € 35 per car by 2020.

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