Sustainability Report 2014: Clearer picture of car recycling chain thanks to improved reporting

The picture of the car recycling chain in the Netherlands is becoming ever more complete. This was reflected in the Sustainability Report for 2014 published today by ARN, the Dutch centre of excellence responsible for recycling and sustainability within the mobility sector. One of the main driving forces behind these developments is the European Recycling target of 95%, that must be met by all Member States by 2015. The target means that 95% of the weight of a car must be recycled and usefully reused. Raw materials can be returned to the chain, enabling the sector to contribute to the transition towards a more sustainable and circular economy.

The Netherlands is one of the countries currently already fulfilling this recycling target. In 2014, a recycling performance of 96% was achieved, that breaks down into 86.1% recycling supplemented by 9.9% useful application in the form of energy recovery. In the words of ARN’s Managing Director Arie de Jong, “An excellent performance, but there is still some way to go. The full positive effect of the PST plant will only truly make itself felt in 2015.

Step forwards in reporting method

To gain a clearer understanding of the chain, ARN implemented a series of different improvements in 2014, in its method of reporting on the recycling performance. These improvements were ushered in by a report from the sector supervisor, the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT). One example of the reporting improvements to emerge from the recommendations from the supervisor was the more in-depth monitoring of the chain through the inclusion of information from the so-called ‘intermediate traders;, businesses that purchase end-of- life vehicles from the car dismantling companies, and sell them on to the shredder companies.

Shredder trials for a clearer picture

The most meaningful step to be taken by ARN in making its reporting system futureproof is to carry out three shredder trials. For each trial, 400 end-of-life vehicles will be collected, as a representative sample of the vehicles currently on the Dutch roads. The results of the trials will provide ARN with an even more accurate understanding of the performance of the chain. During the course of 2015, ARN will then use this information to calculate the actual recycling performance.

Arie de Jong described the importance of this step as follows: “This step means that not only will ARN comply with the European monitoring rules, but will also meet the wishes of the Dutch government, and increase its own understanding of the situation. The method employed for shredder trials itself is also futureproof; ARN can assess the outcome each year, at detail level, and where necessary make adjustments. The result will be a greater understanding of the transition towards a circular, sustainable economy.

View the online version or download the PDF.


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