ARN publishes Sustainability Report 2015

ARN publishes Sustainability Report 2015

In its sustainability report published today, ARN unveiled the recycling performance of the Dutch automotive sector for the year 2015. This is the year in which, in accordance with the European End-of-life Vehicle Directive, 95% reuse and recovery had to be achieved. With a 97% result, the Dutch automotive sector has easily exceeded the requirements, thanks to close cooperation within the automotive chain – in particular with the car dismantling companies and shredder companies – under the overall management of ARN.

ARN sustainability report for 2015 shows that Dutch automotive chain meets European target for 97.0% recycling performance in 2015

Arie de Jong, Managing Director of ARN, commented, “For me, this milestone is absolute proof that automotive recycling is something we can only achieve through close cooperation; and I am proud of our joint performance.” The contribution of the PST plant (PST: post shredder technology) to the total recycling performance of Dutch end-of-life vehicles has been made visible for the first time, thanks to the trials undertaken last year by ARN. By processing some 40,000 tonnes of shredder waste in 2015, the plant made up the final, difficult 12 percent of the 97% total. As De Jong continued, “That contribution has made the plant an essential link in the chain for ensuring continued compliance with the 95% target.”

Accurate measuring instrument

The report was underpinned by three shredder trials carried out in 2015 by ARN, in collaboration with the three Dutch shredder companies. The shredder trials made it possible to accurately and reliably calculate the recycling share contributed by the shredder companies and the PST plant.

Further reduction in recycling costs for Dutch end-of-life vehicles

As implementing organisation, ARN will continue to manage the automotive recycling chain over the next few years, in close collaboration with its chain partners. ARN and its ‘client’ the RAI Association last year extended their cooperation agreement by a further five years. One element of the renewed agreement is the obligation to further continue reducing recycling costs, throughout the chain. In De Jong’s words, “The chain has matured; the 5th anniversary of the founding of the PST plant marks a definitive end to the start-up phase of the installation. Our aim, in addition to reducing costs, is to raise revenue from the plant by producing higher quality materials. In that way we will also contribute to a truly circular automotive recycling chain, which at the end of the day is our mission.”

Read our Sustainability Report online.


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