ARN European vehicle recycling target for 2015 already achieved

ARN European vehicle recycling target for 2015 already achieved

In its 2013 sustainability report published today, ARN reveals that it already achieved its European recycling target for 2015 in 2013. A total of 95.9% of the weight of old vehicles in the Netherlands was reused and recovered.

The figure of 95.9% is made up of two components: 86% of the weight of Dutch end-of-life vehicles was reused directly as product or material, and the energy from 9.9% was recovered through incineration. The European target for 2015 requires at least 85% of the weight of the vehicles falling under the 95% target to be reused as product or material.

PST plant

The increase in the reuse percentage is a direct result of the use of the PST plant. Here, shredder waste from Dutch end-of-life vehicles is separated into usable material streams. The PST plant went fully operational in 2013. The effect of the PST plant was included in the calculation of ARN’s recycling performance in 2013 for the first time.

Circular economy

Recovering the raw materials from mobility products has been ARN’s main raison d’être since day 1. ARN actively contributes to the circular economy through exchanging knowledge, chain management, recycling and innovation.

Leakage flows

In 2013 a total of 196,763 end-of-life vehicles were recycled in an environmentally sound way via ARN. This was 82.9% of the total of 237,207 end-of-life vehicles processed in the Netherlands. And in order to be able to achieve and boost the environmental performance of the Dutch market in the future, it is important to continue to tackle leakage flows in the vehicle recycling chain in collaboration with the competent authorities. Leakage flows occur at different points in the recycling process.

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