Analysis of obstacles to recycling End-of-Life Vehicles

Today, ARN will be publishing a summary of the most serious obstacles to the recycling of End-of-Life Vehicles. The report is part of a series of three ‘bottleneck’ analyses developed by the NEW_InnoNet consortium. The other two consider technological obstacles in recycling chains for e-waste and packaging waste.

In the bottleneck analysis, an overview is prepared of the stakeholders in the recycling chain and their primary activities. The most serious quantitative and qualitative obstacles for improved recycling are outlined. These obstacles represent the starting point for the roadmaps and research agendas to be compiled by NEW_InnoNet for the European Commission.

Since 2014, ARN has been participating in the NEW_InnoNet project funded by EU Programme Horizon 2020 the aim of which is to promote the circular economy in Europe in respect of ELVs, e-waste and plastic packaging. The efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly use of raw materials is an essential pillar of European policy. This can only be achieved through broader international cooperation.

Stakeholder Conference NEW_InnoNet on 8 and 9 June

On 8 and 9 June, the NEW_InnoNet Stakeholder Conference is to be held in Brussels. At this conference, ideas and plans will be discussed which will set the course for an innovative and/or ‘near-zero waste’ Europe. The innovation priorities will be compiled in an interactive approach, and you are invited to contribute. The conference will bring together entrepreneurs, researchers and governments with the aim of discussing the future of a circular Europe. During the first phase of the NEW_InnoNet project, the most serious obstacles to improved and more effective recycling were summarised. Keynote speakers from the professional field will place those obstacles in a broader perspective during the conference. The programme will be published in the course of the coming week, on www.newinnonet.eu.


Participation in the conference is free. Because the number of participants is limited, you are advised to register in good time. Registration is possible via the website www.newinnonet.eu or by making contact with ARN project manager Gert-Jan van der Have. For more information about NEW_InnoNet or about the Stakeholders Conference visit: www.newinnonet.eu

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