ARN was set up in 1995 under our previous name, Auto Recycling Nederland. Four parties that represent the automotive industry in the Netherlands, BOVAG, RAI Vereniging, STIBA and Vereniging FOCWA repair – were behind us from the start and are still contributing to our success.

In 2013, ARN took over the work of the Instituut voor Duuzame Mobiliteit (IvDM). A logical step to boost the sustainability of vehicles that are on the road at the moment.

Moreover, ARN can only perform its duties thanks to close collaboration with more than three hundred companies in the vehicle recycling chain. ARN dismantlers, collection companies, recycling companies, agents and metal-recycling companies are each essential to the chain.

We aim to continue working together to achieve total vehicle recycling. And we are always open to new partnerships.

Would you be interested in working together with ARN? Please do not hesitate to contact us.
Would you like to become a registered partner in the ARN chain? See Join ARN or contact us.

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