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Raw materials are getting scarcer. Even the raw materials needed for the production of vehicles. We need to be more economical and ensure that materials are recycled where possible.

The figures in the automotive industry are mind boggling. Worldwide, more than 90 million new cars are produced each year. Of that total around 500,000 are put on the market in the Netherlands.

Since 2015, all member states of the European Union have been obliged to recover 95% (by weight) of end-of-life vehicles under the End of Life Vehicles Directive.

ARN: the engine powering the Dutch car recycling chain

It is ARN’s job to ensure that the Netherlands meets the target of 95%. This has even been surpassed in the past few years. 88,9% of the end-of-life vehicles are recycled and 9.8% is recovered. This means that we hit a percentage of 98,7% in 2016.

A progressive government, an engaged automotive industry, hundreds of passionate businesses in the recycling sector and charges paid by consumers have made it possible to reach this level. And that makes us unique in Europe.

Car recycling is something we do together

ARN believes in total recycling. All our efforts are geared to achieving this target as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

We work together with the recycling chain as a whole. We support individual businesses in their efforts to increase sustainability. The manufacturing industry can increasingly lean on our expertise to acquire more and more high-quality recycled material to put into new products. We help consumers and garages to scrap their old vehicles responsibly. We help authorities in the development of legislation and the creation of a level playing field.

And we enrich knowledge about sustainable recycling through our own research and innovation. We share this knowledge free of charge. And to accelerate such developments, where necessary we make investments and engage with the industry. For instance, even the last remainders of cars are processed to become valuable materials in our ‘Post Shredder Technology’ plant.

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