Van Mossel Automotive Groep and Amega Groep first to meet European energy-savings legislation with Erkend Duurzaam Plus certificate

Van Mossel Automotive Groep and Amega Groep were first to achieve Erkend Duurzaam Plus certification, including the EED module.

Van Mossel Automotive Groep and Amega Groep were first to achieve Erkend Duurzaam Plus certification, including the EED module. Both companies were awarded Erkend Duurzaam Plus certification, which is proof that they meet the terms set out in EU legislation aimed at energy efficiency. Eric Berkhof, managing director of Van Mossel Automotive Groep and Leen de Koning, managing director of Amega Groep, were presented their certificates by the chair of the Instituut voor Duurzame Mobiliteit (IvDM), Olaf de Bruijn. This took place as part of the ARN and IvDM customer event in the Metaalkathedraal in Utrecht on 17 November.
Both these companies, at the forefront of their field, came through the Erkend Duurzaam Plus audit successfully. Acquiring Erkend Duurzaam Plus certification is evidence of their CSR credentials. That is a pre-condition both in tenders and in business. In addition, the recommendations of the audits deliver actual CO2 reduction and generate savings in terms of waste and energy. De Koning (Amega Groep): “In 2013 we made a conscious start on our CSR programme, and this label will help us as we make progress within our CSR policy.”

Both companies are very successful and are among the top-10 dealerships. The Van Mossel Automotive Groep sells makes including those of the Volkswagen Group, Opel, Kia Motors, Ford, Peugeot, Citroen, DS and Jaguar/Landrover. In addition, the holding company has a substantial stake in body shops affiliated to Schadenet, and International Car Lease, its own leasing company. The Amega Groep also sells Volkswagen Group makes and, in addition, Hyundai, Volvo and Opel. Amega Groep, too, has a number of Schadenet body shops, universal garages and its own leasing company. Berkhof (Van Mossel Automotive Groep): “This label makes you aware of what’s going well, and where improvements can be made in terms of sustainability and CSR and we can take practical steps.”

Erkend Duurzaam is the CSR programme for the mobility sector. The Instituut voor Duurzame Mobiliteit implements the Erkend Duurzaam programme. The IvDM has been very active in the past year, trying to get the EU Energy-Efficiency Directive (EED) integrated into the Erkend Duurzaam programme. The directive covers the European target for a 20% reduction in energy consumption in Europe in 2020. It also covers responsibilities to be met by both member states and businesses. The Erkend Duurzaam Plus certificate allows participating companies to demonstrate compliance with requirements made by the law in the field of energy savings. IvDM can thus advise dealers effectively and easily on making savings in energy consumption and waste management. There are already more than 1,750 companies with Erkend Duurzaam certification.

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