Training programme for dismantling hybrids and EVs

Training programme for dismantling hybrids and EVs

Together with an education organisation still to be selected, ARN will be developing a training programme during the course of next year that will make it possible to train the affiliated dismantling companies in the safe dismantling of hybrid and electrical vehicles. The first training courses are expected to start in early 2013.

ARN is seeing clear growth in the number of hybrid and electrical vehicles being submitted for dismantling. Whereas in 2010 only 21 hybrid vehicles were registered in ORAD for dismantling by ARN companies, this year up to and including November, the total has risen to 31. More than 60,000 hybrid and electrical cars can be found driving on Dutch roads. A large number of these will have to be dismantled, over the coming years.

New vehicle type

Although these may not be huge numbers yet, ARN feels it is essential to develop a training course to ensure the safe dismantling of these electrically-powered cars. “It is at the very least important that dismantling companies have access as quickly as possible to the basic knowledge needed for dealing with vehicles of this kind in a responsible manner. Especially when an end-of-life vehicle is brought in in which parts of the electrical system are damaged, the dismantling company must know how to proceed. The vehicles in question may have suffered damage to the battery packs, for example following an accident,” suggested Rob van der Linden who as project manager at ARN is involved in setting up the new training programme. “You are faced with completely different drivelines and high voltages of between 120 and 400 volts, and special batteries that can weigh more than 250 kg per car.”

Specific knowledge and skills

Rob van der Linden continued, “We have already taken part in the Safebat project. The objective of this project was to encourage the development of safe electrical batteries, and even in the design stage to take account of the end phase and recycling of the product. We ourselves have also undergone a number of training programmes on working with hybrid and electrical vehicles. The courses have made it clear that specific knowledge and skills are required to ensure the safe dismantling of vehicles of this kind. Market research undertaken by us among forty ARN dismantling companies has also revealed that demand for this knowledge is high.”

ARN is currently involved in initial discussions with an education organisation that will be able to assist ARN in developing the programme. The first training courses are expected to be launched in the research facility in Tiel, at the start of 2013.

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