Stiba launches promotional campaign for green original parts

Stiba launches promotional campaign for green original parts

Campaign raises awareness of sustainable repairs and servicing among drivers.

Drivers are killing two birds with one stone when they have their cars repaired or serviced using green original parts. Firstly they are saving money and secondly they are doing the environment a favour.

This is the twofold message of the promotional campaign launched by Stiba on Thursday 12 June. Stiba hopes the campaign will encourage both drivers and insurance and repair companies to make green original parts – used parts – their first choice. In this way, the campaign is helping to boost the growing social trend towards sustainable mobility. The starting pistol for the campaign was fired on 12 June at an event at the DAF museum in Eindhoven. The Green Original Parts for a Sustainable Future campaign is responding to changing consumer needs. Consumers are becoming more and more careful with their money and are increasingly making sustainable choices. Green original parts fit in well with this. These are used original parts from nearly new or relatively new cars. The parts are carefully selected, they are in good condition, and they are offered with a guarantee by certified Stiba companies. So the consumer is assured of quality, because these companies operate in accordance with Stiba’s general terms of delivery and warranty terms. Used original parts are cheaper than new ones. And reusing them also gives the environment a major boost.

Getting the message straight to the driver

The promotional campaign tells the story behind green parts briefly and succinctly. The restyled Stiba logo and the new tagline, “Green original parts for a sustainable future”, ensure maximum support. The message is being promoted by various means. Drivers visiting their garage are offered the consumer leaflet. And when they have had a green repair carried out they will find a rear-view mirror hanger in their car complimenting them on their sustainable choice.

Online: groeneonderdelen.nl and marktplaats.nl

A consumer website has been created for the campaign: www.groeneonderdelen.nl. Consumers will find all the information they need on this site. They can quickly locate a certified Stiba company or search by brand specialisation, for example. Contact details are provided for every company. The benefits of used parts are also clearly explained on the site, of course. Stiba will attract visitors to the site by advertising online. Various banners will be displayed in strategic places: for example, Stiba will be advertising on www.marktplaats.nl, where large numbers of spare parts are traded. From there consumers can click straight through to www.groeneonderdelen.nl.

Stiba: face of a green industry

Stiba is the face of the Dutch vehicle dismantling industry. This is a green industry with its house very much in order: it has been complying with all the legal requirements for many years. But this is still not widely known among the public, so Stiba is working on improving its image by actively seeking publicity. The new promotional campaign will also be playing its part in this. Read the original message at www.stiba.nl


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