Software update in the PST plant

Software update in the PST plant

ARN is constantly working to optimise the production process in the PST facility for processing shredder waste in order to achieve the target of 95% recycling of end-of-life cars by 2015. But what optimisations have been carried out?

“We’re still busy adjusting the last part of the production process – the fibre reprocessing,” says Hans van de Greef, manager of the PST plant. “Compacting fibres is complicated and it takes a lot of time to get this part of the process running flawlessly. That’s why we have disconnected this module from the rest of the production process and we are running further tests separately. This enables the other fully functioning modules to do their work separately from the fibre reprocessing. We are selling the end-product, without fibre compacting, in the cement industry.”

Software update

In recent weeks, a software update has been taking place at the plant. “This was not an easy task,” says Van de Greef. “It caused a number of disruptions to the production process. But now that the last bugs have been eliminated, everything works perfectly and our automation system is much faster and easier to operate.”

Mass balance

“We have now completed processing the Van Dalen shredder trial that I told you about last week. We have prepared a complete mass balance, which means that we have established what materials the waste contains to the nearest kilogram. With this information, we know how to adjust our machines for the next order from Van Dalen.”

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