Shredder test 2010

Shredder test 2010

In August and September 2010, ARN carried out a shredder test in which mass balances were drawn up for the entire car wreck recycling process. Periodical shredder tests are needed for the annual report to the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment (previously known as the Ministry of Housing, Regional Development and the Environment). Another reason for carrying out a shredder test in 2010 was to obtain a baseline measurement before the PST factory is put into service in 2011.

A shredder test is primarily intended to establish the actual recycling percentage of stripped down car wrecks. In the daily operation of a shredder unit, car wrecks are processed along with other white or brown goods. ARN has contracted a shredder unit to process the amount of car wrecks purchased by ARN following a large-scale clean-up operation. This amount of wrecks, and the batch composition, was representative of cars on the road in the Netherlands.

The results of the shredder test showed that the changed legislation has caused an increase in the recycling percentage. This increase compared with 2009 is mainly caused by an enormous growth in the thermal processing of shredder waste. This has been made possible by the R-1 status of a number of waste incineration plants in the Netherlands. The results of the 2010 shredder test will be included in the calculations of the recycling percentage for 2010.


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