Sharing knowledge with ARN

Companies that are not part of the automotive sector can also learn from ARN’s experience and knowledge of recycling. And this even includes companies outside the mobility sector. “We can help companies inside and outside the mobility sector to take a major step towards sustainability,” says Kasper Zom of ARN.


“Companies that are not yet obliged to recycle their products are squandering useful (raw) materials,” says Zom. “Not enough thought yet goes into the last part of the life-cycle and that’s a dreadful pity.” ARN can help companies on the path towards making recycling a real part of their business. One example of this has been the ARN inspiration meeting on 17 April 2012 – in collaboration with Railforum – about sustainability in the rail sector. “Railway companies have large amounts of materials and they should be perfectly capable of managing them themselves. At the meeting, we advised them on how to tackle this at the front end of the process and which parties you should involve in it.” ARN also helped the scooter sector on its way. “That resulted in Scooter Recycling Nederland (SRN) – the Dutch recycling system for scooters and mopeds.”

Ecotest decision tool

ARN also provides advice in a much wider field than the mobility sector. “We’ve developed the Ecotest to help companies make decisions on costs, ecology and resource conservation,” says Zom. “The test is used by the car tyre sector, the batteries sector and the plastic packaging sector. But the government also uses it to assess offices. It made government bodies realise that moving from paper to digital provides more sustainability benefits than using fuel-efficient lease cars.”

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